Bridging the Gap

Known as one of the most gifted psychic mediums of today, Anthony Mrocka is a sought out expert with readings that are extremely accurate, detailed and helpful.


Intuitive Counselor

Intuitive Counseling utilizes intuition to uncover what you sense but may not be consciously aware of. I am able to connect with you to understand your mind and soul at a level deeper than the spoken word.


Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums bridge the gap between the living and the deceased. We are able to hear, feel and see souls on the other side to bring you the closure you may need from your loved ones.

Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Evolving Soul Radio is a spiritual podcast dedicated to the comprehensive approach to a total transformation of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Tune in every Thursday at 7:30pm EST.



Anthony Mrocka

After years of struggling with addiction, Anthony began to question his very purpose in life. It was during one of his lowest points he began to pray to God and surrender his life to Him. It was at this moment his Spiritual Awakening began. Things started to happen that did not make sense. He started to hear, see and feel things that were “not of this world.” Anthony was told he was a psychic medium, and so began his development with Spirit.

Anthony in the Media

Anthony Mrocka does live mediumship readings for a studio audience.
Anthony reads the audience during a live taping of The Grace Grella Show in Long Island, NY. November 2018.


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