Pricing & Information

45 min reading* (psychic or medium) – $175

*On phone or in person

To book an appointment please go to the “Book A Reading” page.

Please Note: If you are booking a phone appointment, payment must be made in advance.
In person readings will be done in North Haledon, NJ or in Nyack, NY. If you are paying by credit card this must be done before the appointment. You will get address to the studio when you book a reading.


To book a Group or Party reading, please email me my assistant:

Group reading/Party : Get a group of friends together and host a party with Anthony. Every guest attending the party will pay ***$80 for a 20 minute reading with Anthony. You may choose between 5-8 people for the party session. It’s a great way to get a group of friends together, while getting pulled aside to get your private reading with Anthony.

***Please email to discuss pricing, travel time may have to be included.

People often ask “does it matter if it is over the phone or in person?”

First, there is absolutely no difference in the accuracy of the information; a good psychic can read for you just as easily over the phone and essentially, the content of the session will be no different than having a reading in person. Here’s how it works: When I am on the phone with you, I am using the sound of your voice ‘as an anchor’. In other words, just by hearing your voice, I am able to make a psychic connection with you; this triggers specific information to begin flowing through.

At the same time, mediumistic information does not come from the client; it comes from a different dimension. The one we often refer to as the afterlife. So it doesn’t matter whether the client is [physically] in the medium’s presence or not. All information comes from this other dimension and is communicated to the medium telepathically. Therefore, a medium is like a conduit; you might even think of us as “the delivery person”… as we do our utmost to receive, interpret and deliver [evidential] information to you in a meaningful manner.